Aragan Oil



Scientists isolated the most outstanding active elements for your beauty & health in the kernels of the fruit of argan tree.

We’d simply like to share with you our Moroccan passion for this cosmetic & gastronomic oil of exceptional quality.

This oil of thousand virtues has always been used by Moroccan women for its restabilising, protecting and fortifying properties.

They rub it on their hair bodies & faces to make their skin more beautiful, supple, tonic and soft.

It counters physiological drying and ageing of the skin by restoring the hydro-lipping film and increasing the nutritive contribution to the cells.

Whatever your age may be ,it’s essential to nourish and protect your skin which is constantly aggressed by external elements ( sun, wind, cold) and also by the evils of modern society (stress, pollution, tobacco & alcohol) 


Proposes a 100% natural certified organic oil without preservative chemicals, very little greasy mild nutty odorous .

It is presented in range of useful sizes suited to your budget health and wishes.

Our Argan oil is sourced and purchased directly from an ORGANIC CERTIFIED region (SOUTH OF MOROCCO).

We personally go and buy the product; this assures us the quality of the argan oil.


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